Music Academy International

Europe’s Premiere Young Artist Program

Why you should choose Music Academy International – Young Artists have a wide variety of programs available to them each summer. When exploring the many possibilities it is important to look at the artistic accomplishments of the faculty, the performance opportunities provided, the level of training that you will take part in on a daily basis, the area that the program is located, and the financial costs involved. MAI takes great pride in providing an outstanding internationally recognized faculty and the highest level of training and performance experience possible for our Young Artists.  And, it takes place in one of the most gorgeous regions in all of Europe!

IMG_1221Our Young Artists love us.  They really do!!!!

  • MAI thank you so much for the greatest time and experience of my life! I can’t describe how much it gave me! I wish you long years and the most talented students ever! Thank you to Maestro Neal Goren for your beleif in me. To Robin Blauers for such amazing staging and a production that made me feel winged! It was an amazing opportunity to be part of this show! Thank you Mozart, and of course thank you Mitch Piper for making all of this experience possible …… Lubov (2017)
  • “Oooookay, emotional Facebook post here we go! The last month in the beautiful village of Mezzano with my wonderful colleagues and mentors at MAI has been greater than I could have ever imagined. From the friends gained to the work done to the beautiful landscape in which it all took place, I have experienced more beauty than I could ever put in to words.” ….. Sarah (2016) 
  • “I would like to thank you for providing a wonderful experience this summer. Working with distinguished faculty members, performing a role in Italy, and learning about the business side of opera was extremely helpful and enriching.” …… Penelope (2016) 
  • “Thank you for a great summer. Love that I am leaving feeling inspired with new ideas and goals.” ….. Shayna (2016)
  • “I learned so much from your incredible staff of coaches and directors, and I am very excited for the next chapter of my vocal development. Thank you also for your insights in the master classes, and your kind words of encouragement. I hope our paths will cross again soon!!” ….. Brian (2016 – 2017)
  • “I cannot begin to thank you enough for including me in this journey. It was truly the trip of a lifetime for me and while I am sad that it is over, I take with me all of the work, lessons and memories to help my artistic career flourish. I felt challenged, respected and inspired every step of the way. You, Marishka, and Jason were an absolute dream team and I could not have asked for a better experience.” ….. Emily (2016)
  • “Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience! I’m so sad it’s already over.” ….. Kristi (2016).

We care about the cost – We are keenly aware of the financial struggles facing young performers today and we work closely with our sponsors and donors to keep our tuition and fees at a minimum. Program fees differ by studio and are determined by the duration of the program and the costs associated with each studio. Compare our fees to other programs in the US and Europe and you will see that Music Academy International is extremely competitive.

IMG_1678The Dolomites, an UNESCO World Heritage Site – A location has to be extremely special to even think about appearing on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. It has to present a unique, unspoiled natural landscape and be safeguarded by outstanding environmental laws. The Dolomites are one of the most imposing mountain landscapes on the planet. In terms of uniqueness, the Dolomites have outclassed any other place in the world for their beauty, the diversity in natural landscapes and their geological significance. The Dolomites, also known as the Pale Mountains, with their fine beauty are among the most beautiful mountains in the world. Everyone knows of the unusual splash of colours lighting up their peaks, and the contrast between the soft lines of the rolling hills and the jagged, powerful peaks reaching for the sky.

Music Academy International is located in Primiero, the heart of the Dolomites.  With historic Mezzano at the entrance, reaching up to the unmistakable panorama of the Pale di San Martino, the Coral Reef of the Dolomites, the region boasts a long and rich tourist tradition. Activities abound in the Dolomites. Whether you enjoy music, amazing food and wine, or outdoor sporting activities there is always something to do in the Dolomites.

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Music Academy International could not possibly provide worl-class training and programing without the assistance of our partners in Italy.  It is with great appreciation that we acknowledge the following organizations: